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Adobe partner programs deliver tools, resources, and the expertise your company needs to implement Adobe products and solutions. Partner with Adobe to create new markets and promote your business services and solutions to our customers worldwide.

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Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program

The Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program is designed to recognise and reward resellers for their sales and technical expertise, level of engagement with Adobe, and commitment to promoting Adobe technologies and solutions to customers. Four levels of membership allow you to engage with Adobe at a level representing your organisation’s resources, areas of specialty, and commitment to the Adobe relationship. Obligations and benefits increase at higher levels.

  • Registered: Basic membership. Simple online enrolment provides access to the TLP program.
  • Certified: Requires an additional application process in exchange for access to VIP, CLP, and Specialisations.
  • Gold: Adds revenue and other business commitments in exchange for access to the Deal Registration Incentive.
  • Platinum: Requires the highest revenue and business commitments in exchange for the highest level of benefits.

All resellers must enrol at the Registered level. If you would like to apply to the Certified or Gold level, you must complete your Registered level enrolment first. Then you can apply to upgrade your membership to Certified or Gold.

Reseller Program Materials (localised versions available in the Adobe Partner Connection Portal)

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Registered, Certified, or Gold Reseller
To apply at one of these levels, Enrol Now to begin.

Platinum Reseller
To apply at the Platinum level, contact your Adobe account manager or the Partner Program Help Desk to begin.

Authorised Adobe Distributor
To apply to become an authorised Adobe distributor, contact your Adobe account manager or the Partner Program Help Desk to begin.

Adobe Partner Connection Program Support


If you need assistance, please contact the Adobe Partner Connection Help Desk:
EMEA (all countries): +44 (0)20 7365 0734
UK: 0800 783 6954 (Toll free)
France: 0805 540 199 (Toll free)
Germany: 0800 664 7893 (Toll free)
For chat assistance please visit: APC Help Desk

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