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Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program and Retail Program

Adobe offers two unique programs for reseller and retail partners in the US and Canada.


The Reseller Program is designed for resellers who focus primarily on software licensing sales to commercial, government, and education customers. Four levels of membership allow you to engage with Adobe at a level representing your organization’s resources, areas of specialty, and commitment to the Adobe relationship. Obligations and benefits increase at higher levels.

  • Registered: Basic membership. Simple online enrollment provides access to the TLP program.
  • Certified: Requires an additional application process for access to VIP, CLP, and Specializations.
  • Gold: Adds revenue and other business commitments in exchange for access to the Deal Registration Incentive.
  • Platinum: Requires the highest revenue and business commitments in exchange for the highest level of benefits.

Program Materials


The Retail Program is designed for partners who focus primarily on desktop product sales to consumers, small businesses, and individual end-user customers. The Retail Program defines three areas of specialization with benefits tailored to the following unique retail business models or vertical markets: traditional brick-and-mortal retail, online retail, and education sales through campus stores.

Program Materials

Adobe Partner Connection Program Support


If you need assistance, please contact the Adobe Partner Connection Help Desk:
(408) 352 9229 or
(866) 847 9853
For chat assistance please visit Adobe Partner Connection Help Desk

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